Coffee Flour– a new superfood!– is a great ingredient in some of our recipes here at Blue Ridge Baking Company.

There’s more fiber per gram than whole grain wheat flour, more protein per gram than fresh kale, more potassium per gram than a banana, and more iron per gram than fresh spinach.

PLUS– The growing and harvesting of Coffee Cherry for Coffee Flour have a huge environmental and economic impact!

Coffee growers are often families who have been doing the same work for generations usually in economically challenged areas. The Coffee Cherry is sort of like an avocado pit, only the Coffee Cherry is the bean we steam rather than the pit we toss. So the bulk of the coffee plant traditionally has been discarded leaving precious little for the growers to sell and over time wreaking havoc with local water runoff areas leading to discarded dams of coffee plant remains.

In the last decade, coffee entrepreneurs have seen these conflated problems. Some ingenuity and research proved the discarded portion of the coffee flower could be dried and crushed to make Coffee Flour– upscaling debris and offering a whole other revenue stream to coffee growers! 

Coffee Flour takes the coffee cherry pulp and converts it into a nutritious addition for baking, cooking, and crafting chocolate. Tons of new recipes are being developed for soups, stews, marinades– anything that could benefit from the loamy depth coffee flour brings. 

We use it in our rich espresso black bottom muffins and some of our brownies. Look for it in our soon-to-be-released “Up All Night” energy cookie. It brings layers and depth and a kick to it!

For more information, check out their website here:

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