Chase Farm

Giving new meaning to girls on the run… We are so blessed to partner with those local fine farming family.
We have our own dedicated hens: we call them our hennery.
Chase’s girls run wild eating bugs and worms.
Part of Chase’s secret: planting organic spinach to attract those bugs and worms.

The lovely ladies to the right, Stella Pearl, Idagrace, and Nellie,

are some of the girls who make

Mainstreet Farmstead

dairy products the absolute best around these parts.

They know how to treat a girl right: nothing but grass and love makes the very best butter.

PolyFace Farm

Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms

Yes, we’re neighbors

When you read about sustainable farming, humane animal treatment and the production of vibrant food you constantly stumble on these two names. Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms are legends in this movement.

They are our neighbors and we are so very proud to use their eggs as part of our ingredient lineup: pastured, cage free eggs.

A legend in the good food movement is part of our, “Goodness Made Here” story.

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