Special People with Special Needs

Jack is a friend of Margaret, Blue Ridge Baking Company’s owner.  Jack’s 1000 watt smile won Margaret’s heart from day one.  Jack’s non-profit, Farmer Jack and Friends, is dedicated to helping people with disabilities find and keep jobs.

His siblings helped him form this group and are committed to starting green houses, farms, and workshops for young adults with Down Syndrome, Autism, and other disabilities.

Kristin is a member of Farmer Jack and Friends. She sells eggs from our farm and helps manage several of their projects.  Margaret quickly thought of ways to employ Jack and Kristin.  Jack’s title is, “Foreman of Bagging”, he thought of it himself.  Jack and Kristin lovingly pack cookies and place the stickers just right on the bags.  It’s an important job, because we want our treats to look as good as they taste.  It’s a vital job because Jack and Kristin feel like a million dollars at the end of their shift.  Supporting Farmer Jack and Friends is one of Margaret’s favorite ingredients in “Goodness Made Here”.

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