It all starts with how we look at food

Food– simple, yet complicated. Sustenance– and the glue in our social interactions.

Simply put, we do believe you are what you eat and that mere concept is incredibly important.

With that core thought our responsibility is to make products to enhance your life.

Delicious yet not wrecking your metabolism and health.

Our recipes are mindfully developed to be delicious by using nature’s best ingredients.


Add Our Local Vendors

We are blessed to have the finest local vendors in our little patch of the planet.

We use only pastured free range eggs from Chase Farms and Polyface Farms (Joel Salatin’s place.)

Our butter is made right at Mainstead Farms from beautiful wandering grass fed cows.

We source organic products whenever feasible.

Virginia is home to apple orchards, bee aviaries, maple trees.

We source as much as we can from the local co-ops for these products.

Our Molasses comes from a Mennonite farm in central Pennsylvania– up the road a piece.

The Talent of Our Team

We work hard to find quality ingredient sources for our unique recipes.

A team that brings dedication to delighting customers and knows baking is an artform.

We blush at every compliment and are always looking to improve.


And then there’s this…

The cool summer evenings overladen with light fog and the hum of bugs,

Fall days bursting with a cornucopia of colors and nights crisp and clear,

Winters under blankets of light snow, icy streams, and snuggling nights,

Spring days where you can see for a million beautiful miles….

That’s the secret, unbottle-able ingredient that makes our Goodness Made Here,

well, Made Here.

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